Emergency Lighting
There’s a wide variety of emergency lighting that depends upon your needs.

Emergency lighting is really essential for any home. Usually this refers to a lighting fixture that is specifically intended to provide light for a crisis, or power outage. There are also varying types of emergency lighting products, each lending themselves to certain situations in different ways. Some of the most common types are escape route fixtures, emergency standby lighting, and safety lighting. Whether you are installing the emergency light fixtures into a home or office depends upon which choice is right for you.

Most emergency lighting will run off of battery operated power that you install with the emergency lighting fixtures. This is so that the lights will successfully operate in any situation, and during a power outage. Escape route lighting is probably the most commonly found battery operated emergency light type. Typically these are comprised of LED emergency light fixtures that are intended to light an area that will be used as a safe passage. These are helpful for lining stairways, and also emergency exit doors, so that anybody can safely and quickly find their way away from danger in the event of a fire or other critical situation.

Standby lighting is intended to provide backup light during a power outage, so that a task can still be performed. These are typically favored by hospitals, because they allow for a safe and reliable light source despite a power outage, or any other problem. Although this type of emergency lighting isn’t usually used in a home, because standby emergency lights require an independent power source. They are tied into the traditional electric wiring, so that during an outage, these emergency light fixtures will turn on, and run off of a backup generator until power is restored. Usually that’s too big of a task to attempt at your home, so sticking to escape route lighting is a more realistic option in a smaller environment.

Safety lighting is specifically targeted for areas that will need to be accessed during a crisis situation. These are favored in mechanic shops, and areas with heavy machinery so that all machinery can be turned off safely during an outage, or other emergency scenario, and they’re obviously amenable to fire safety. The light fixtures are placed strategically to fully illuminate danger areas, so that they may be safely dealt with, no matter the circumstance. These can be good for home use, especially around your fuse box. That way the fuse box can be accessed so you can safely ascertain any problems, during a power outage. Typically, as with escape route lighting, standby units will also run off of an emergency battery unit.