Mobile foam unit

Mobile foam unit/Foam cart 120L

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FRP Mobile Foam Unit

With vast experience and knowledge we are involved in offering a premium quality range of Mobile Foam Units. ?Mobile Foam Unit, with corrosion resistant FRP tank, aero dynamically shaped, light in weight, yet strong enough for use in rugged conditions. The unit is developed for the rapid deployment of foam extinguishing agent in high risk areas such as petroleum, chemical and other similar industries; for fighting hydrocarbon-based liquid fires, where high efficiency, easy access into narrow passages and excellent mobility give the unit a distinct advantage.

Units are available in tank capacities of 100, 150 and 200 liters, equipped with light alloy variable foam inductor 0-6% and FB-2X low?or MX5 medium expansion foam branch, along with 2 lengths Pyroprotect fire hoses, 15m×64mm dia., to connect inductor to foam branch and inductor to hydrant.

The unit is a combination of the best-suitable for any type of foam, for rapid intervention where vapour suppression of chemical spills is required, coupled with low maintenance cost.


Foam tank-FRP-Yellow 100/150/200 ltrs
Varibale Inline Inductor 0-6% 225 LPM@7kg/ cm2
Foam Making Branch pipe FB-2X/MX5
Ball valve S.S
Fire Hose(2 lengths) 64mm×15mtr. c/w light alloy couplings Pyroprotect


Inlet Pressure at Inductor Total water Flow Approx. Running Time for 100 ltr. capacity tank
Kg/cm2 lpm @ 3% Induction @ 6% Induction
5.0 190 19.0 min. 9.5 min.
6.0 205 17.0 min 8.5 min
7.0 225 15.0 min 7.5 min
8.0 235 14.0 min 7.0 min
10.0 265 13.0 min 6.5 min


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