Water Cannon Vehicle for firefighting

The Water Cannon Vehicle is developed for handling group disturbance and crashes, and is the ultimate crowd and riot control vehicle. Its many systems are designed to safely end potentially dangerous situations. According to different requirement of usage, the Water Cannon Vehicle can be modified with different chassis, and the capacity of water tank from 1300 gallons to 4000 gallons according to the chassis.

Technical Data of Anti Riot Water Cannon Vehicle

Model: SFT85251GFB2

Item Configuration SPECS
1 Chassis 6×4, 5 crew
2 Water tank capacity 10000 liters/ 2642 gallons
3 Additive tanks( Stainless steel) 3×100 liters/26.42 gallons

Foam tank

Dye tank

Gas tank

4 Water bump, power takeoff Capability of the bump is 16/50,
5 Water cannon:


1 (one)water cannon

Controlling mode: electrically controlled in cabin

Max. Range: 65m

Horizontal angle:270°(-135°~+135°)

Vertical angle: -10°~+45°

6 Centralized control system All riot operations in the cabin
7 CS gas spraying protection system Nozzles around the body, spraying gas water mixture
8 Own fire-extinguishing protection system nozzles on the roof and under the vehicle, spraying the mixture of water and foam to protect the vehicle
9 Monitor system Camera 1 unit

Recording equipment: 1 unit

LCD screen: 1 unit

10 Hydraulic bulldozer 1 piece

V shaped, can up and down by remote control

11 Protection shield The window glass (windshield: turning-over type) and lamps (excluding side marker lamps and clearance lamps) are protected by high strength protection shield
12 Siren-paging device paging at present and play the video disc with siren and trumpet
13 Rear camera system an rear screen(on the Instrument platform) and a rear camera
14 Overall dimension (L×W×H, mm) 9775×2496×3770(including bulldozer)

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