The fire extinguisher is a kind of portable extinguisher, it can be used to control the spread of fire fighting since the beginning. Different types of fire extinguishers, suitable for different material fire, its structure and use different methods. There are many kinds of fire extinguishing device, commonly used are: carbon dioxide foam fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher and fire extinguisher 1211. These are explained below: a fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher, dry powder storage: 1 fire extinguisher (portable) nitrogen is used as the driving force, the cylinder will dry out. Suitable for fighting oil products, paint, organic solvent fire. It can inhibit the chain reaction of combustion and extinguishing. Also suitable for extinguishing liquid, gas, electric fire (dry powder 50 thousand volts above the electric insulation performance). Some of them can save solid fire. Dry powder fire extinguishers cannot save the light metal burning fire. When in use, first unplug the pin (either pull tab), and then press down the dry powder can be sprayed out. When the fire close to the flame spray; powder injection time is short, to choose a good target before the jet injection